Visual Brand Expression


Dremel laser

The Dremel DigiLab team was looking to create an attention-grabbing video to pique consumer interest for their new laser cutter. Through a mixture of CGI animation and videography, we created numerous makerspaces to capture the machine at various stages of projects and included several different materials that future crafters can utilize. The final anthem video has been used for various online and social media purposes.





Bringing a new identity to life through brand hero visuals.



Mountain dew ice

Debuting at the Super Bowl, Mountain Dew Ice was one of the most important initiatives of PepsiCo to enter one of it’s most high value brands into a new category. Key visuals to express the refreshing cues in only a way Mountain Dew could.



black forest

In an effort to make the brand stand out against its competitors, we helped Black Forest revamp its image as a natural, consumer-friendly snack. While following direction to portray a “better-for-you” feel, yet remain playful, we placed products into vibrant contextual and lifestyle imagery and created brand hero shots for the entire library.



dremel versa

We created a national commercial, from concept to final edit, to introduce Dremel’s foray into an entirely new segment; household cleaning. In addition to maintaining a light and fun storyline, we were tasked with showcasing all applications the tool could conquer and did so with videography and a custom CGI end-tag.  



michelob ultra

Our goal was to bring-to-life the brand motto of, “clean taste of Michelob ULTRA without compromising your active lifestyle”. We did this through a series of visual content ranging from brand hero shots, to lifestyle to general marketing imagery used around the world for one of the fastest growing beer brands in the market today.