Visual Brand Expression

agile visual content
is what we're all about.

Do you ever see an image or video of a product and say, "I want that" without even knowing exactly why?  That instinctual feeling is exactly what we strive to create through visually storytelling of the brands we collaborate on. We’re a new collaboration of Armstrong-White & Traffik that specializes in helping brand owners connect with their audience to drive conversion at the moment of sale.


proven value
at scale

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better, faster & leaner
than ever before.

Our finely-tuned method, yet ever-evolving process, starts with building a digital product perfectly one-time that enables agile content creation across brand hero, contextual and lifestyle visual content. With our direct-to-creative model and innovative CGI-led method, finally break the paradigm and get better creative, faster, and for less.


a home for creatives


seeking ambitious visual artists to join our team.

We're constantly evolving, growing, and discovering new ways to tell stories.  We are proudly creative-led and always seeking fresh thinking and inspiring people to join our team.  Even if you don't see an open job posted, please send us your portfolio and we’ll be in touch!

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